VRecover is a company that produces effective virtual reality healthcare tools, focusing on the gamification of physical and occupational therapy. 

Applying virtual reality technology to motivating rehabilitation patients is not a new idea and is supported by decades of research. Gathering, tracking, analyzing, and reporting movement information has been expensive and difficult – until now.

What's different today:

  • Low cost computing.
  • Low cost consumer virtual reality displays.
  • Low cost storage of data.
  • High-speed body and joint tracking without attaching sensors.
  • Proliferation of mobile devices.
  • Optimization of big data and cloud technology.
  • Updates to government healthcare policy.

VRecover combines immersive virtual reality with healthcare by using off-the-shelf components, open-source resources, gamification, Big Data collection, and the latest electronic medical records (EMR) integration. Starting with physical and occupational rehabilitation, VRecover is turning this concept application into a cost-effective health industry tool. 

After winning the first Bay Area Virtual Reality Hackathon’s Heath Category, our company was invited to present a concept application at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMSS) Northern California Innovation Conference, and again at the HIMSS annual conference. 


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